Max Flex Fitness Personal Training

Every Client is an Athlete and should be Trained like an athlete!

Customized Fitness programs!

Whether you are an experienced Fitness enthusiast or a beginner who wants to get Fit, Max Flex Fitness has the solution for you.  Our customized programs are bases on a comprehensive assessment done by our consultants that meet the Needs and Goals or You nad the isnight and experience of Us.  Its a perfect match for your Fitness success.  Our Trainers all follow NASM OPT Model which you can learn more about below.

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Corrective Exercise Specialists!

If you are new to fitness or coming back from Injury,  Max Flex Fitness trainers are all Corrective exercise trained.  We know how to properly work with you so you don't get injured and receive training to help you overcome injuries or post Rehab.
Our programs are all composed of balance, core, strength, and flexiblity.  Not the "Cookie Cutter programs" you still find from inexperienced Trainers. 

Corrective exercise

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