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Max Flex Fitness and Wellness Consultants

Max Flex Fitness and Wellness Consultants are all nationally accredited Fitness and Wellness professionals.  Check out our  credentials to see who the best fit is for YOU!

Nino Magaddino   (click to hear interview)

Owner of Max Flex fitness

CEO and NASM Master Trainer.  Certified spin instructor and PN level 1 Coach. 

James Metcalf

Lead Personal trainer

NASM CPT, Corrective, Sports, weight loss, and body building specialist.  Level 2 PN Coach. 

Valentina Cioce

Personal trainer and Group Fitness 

ACE CPT and Yoga certified

Stan Schoenewald

Personal trainer


Christina Spevak

Zumba instructor

Zumba,  HIIT training, Kickboxing

Danielle Slade

Group fitness instructor/  Core and Flexibility specialist

Barre certified, and Pilates instructor

Kyla Nelson


specializes in Body transformation and senior training

Jodie Ziajka

Personal trainer, Yoga instructor 

Specializes in Group training and Paddle board Yoga 

Rebecca Hansen

CPT and Group instructor 

Ultra marathon athlete 

Ethan Gendron


Tri- athlete 

Chris Sintic

Nasm CPT Yoga instructor

Teaches Yoga and Holistic wellness

As a client of Max Flex fitness enjoys these perks from our trainers !  More to come

Max flex fitness client perks!

Buddha Voodoo Paddle board Yoga (239) 450-6094 group discount upon request

Christina's Critter Care - animal sitting services $20 off services 
(239) 634-2180

Fiery Phoenix Massage therapy - 10% off services (619) 763-6651

Sweat it off Beach Yoga - $10 off 
(239) 601-0174

Frequently Asked Questions

What primary services do you offer?

Personal training, Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching,  Outdoor HIIT classes, Corporate wellness programs!  Max Flex Fitness Personal trainers are all qualified experienced professionals.  

What do you specialize in?

Our programs are all personalized to the needs of our individual clients.  We specialize in wellness solutions that EMPOWER the clients to Make Lasting Lifestyle changes.  No more Resolutions!
Max Flex Fitness trainers develop programs that are effective and safe.  

Where are you located ?

Max Flex Fitness Personal training is located in Naples FL.  We also offer virtual options to work with you from anywhere in the US!

Are you licensed and insured?

Our trainers are all certified and insured