BEST Core exercise! The Plank

Coach Nino will show you many variations on this exercise and explain the muscle groups that you are building strength.
Grab your workout gear and join me fo this fun and exciting workout!
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Personal Training!

Max Flex Fitness Personal Training!

Our Personal training programs are all customized and based off scientific principles to meet the individualized needs and goals of our clients.  Our Fitness professionals are all nationally accredited certified instructors who are all at least 5 years experienced in our industry!  Contact us today to set an appointment.

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Corporate Wellness Programs 

Max Flex fitness offers On-Site or Virtual  Corporate Fitness programs such as PROCOACH Lifestyle and Nutrition ,  Worksite Injury Prevention and " Healthy Cooking Demos". Our Corporate programs will help your company lower healthcare premiums and increase productivity in the workplace.  Contact us today to set up your worksite wellness assessment!

GUIDE to the OFFICE WORKER ( at home or in office) Healthy living and Injury Prevention